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Earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets

Discover our new collections of handmade jewelry. Choose between unique necklaces in gold, silver, and diamonds. Here you will also find beautiful earpieces, chains, rings, and bracelets.

Helios Symbol gold
Helios Symbol silver
Lunar Symbol gold
Lunar Symbol silver
Spiky earrings gold
Spiky Earrings silver
Bubble Earrings gold
Bubble Earrings silver
Mini Saturn Earrings gold
Mini Saturn Earrings silver
Mini Solar earrings gold
Mini Solar earrings silver
Mini Solar Necklace gold
Mini Solar Necklace silver
Solar necklace gold
Solar necklace silver
Helium Key Silver
Helium Key Gold
Love Symbol Silver
LOVE symbol Gold
The Helium Letter Necklace silver
The Helium Letter Necklace gold
Fat Collect Bracelet gold
Fat Collect Bracelet silver
Collect Locker gold
Collect Locker silver
Fat Collect Necklace gold
Fat Collect Necklace silver
Solar earrings gold
Solar earrings silver
Saturn earrings gold
Saturn earrings silver
Mini Saturn Necklace gold
Mini Saturn Necklace silver
Saturn necklace gold
Saturn necklace silver