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Making charm necklaces cool again Blue Billie is shaking up the jewelry industry- With a modern and feminine touch.

This brand is all about personalisation - it's a playful pick-'n' mix, make-it-your-own concept of arm, finger and neck candy in plated gold and sterling silver.

We want to make it easy and fun to buy and wear jewellery. So we offer a wide, constantly updated collection of mixed chains and charms. You can create endless, completley individual signature combinations – or change your charms with every mood or look.


Blue Billie respects craftsmanship while disrespecting tradition. We’re inspired by the way pop art takes everyday objects and presents them in a new (and sometimes quirky) context and that irreverence is what sets Blue Billie apart. Each charm celebrates the random fun of modern life from fruits of all kinds to palm trees and lightning bolts, letters and evan unicorns. In the Blue Billie universe any object could become a charm. Blue Billie is obsessed with redefining feminine jewellery, and we’re doing it with a much needed dose of our unique, unexpected coolness. Everyone has their own story to tell and so do we.



Daniela Upmark

Founder & Creative director

We're writing a new chapter in the book of jewellery history, and we want you to be a part of it.