Care Guide- How to best treat your jewelry

A Blue Billie jewelry represents a person’s dreams, personality and strengths. It’s not a complement to an outfit- instead it’s the opposite. A Blue Billie piece can be worn forever- and should, if you take care of it with love and respect. Storing your jewelry in either the Blue Billie box or a jewel case when not wearing them will let them rest for a while- and they’ll appreciate it. They are couch potatoes and doesn’t like to work out, neither taking a shower or wear perfume. If you would like to give your jewelry some extra love after a couple of years we offer a unique service of replating to make them look like new again, no matter how long you have owned them for.

Facts about the jewelry

All Bluebillie jewelry is made of .925 sterling silver and 100% free from nickel.

Please note that sterling silver sometimes acquire a dull surface, i.e. become oxidized. The 14 karat gold plated surface will fade over time because of contact with clothes, hard surfaces, sweat, perfume, hairspray, air pollution and others.

It is natural for the layers of gold plating to gradually wear off, but by following our care guide it’s possible to slow down the process.

You might at some point want to get a new layer of gold plating, we offer replating when needed for all Blue Billie jewelry. If needed, get in touch with and we’ll help you out.