Our most liked jewelry, our’s and our customers favourites.

Wire Hoop 12 mm Shiny Gold
Wire Hoop 12 mm Shiny Silver
Mini Swirl Hoops Shiny Silver
Mini Swirl Hoops Shiny Gold
Drop pearl earrings gold
Drop pearl earrings silver
Giant Pearl Earrings Silver
Giant Pearl Earrings Gold
Solar earrings gold
Solar earrings silver
Helium Letters Silver
Helium Letters Gold
Big Moon Silver
Big Moon Silver  39.50 / Add to bag
Gold / Silver
Big Moon Gold on Rope Chain Gold
Big Moon Silver on Rope Chain Silver
Irregular Pearls Necklace gold
Irregular Pearls Necklace Silver
Solar necklace gold
Solar necklace silver
Thick Dome Ring Shiny Gold
Thick Dome Ring Shiny Silver
Egg Ring Gold
Egg Ring Silver
Thick Rope Necklace Silver
Thick Rope Bracelet Gold
Thick Rope Bracelet Silver
Chain Collection Bracelet Gold
Chain Collection Bracelet Silver