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Our Production- How a Blue Billie jewelry piece comes to life

Blue Billie puts great value in all our products and our main mission is to be a sustainable and high-quality brand. We want our customers to trust us in making the best decisions throughout the chain, from sketch to finished product. A well thought out choice we always make is to melt down silver from non-selling products to make new ones out of, instead of buying new silver. The biggest part of our collection comes from our boutique producer in Turkey. The expertise in their craftmanship goes back over 40 years. Over the course of years that have passed since Blue Billie first was launched, our relationships have grown stronger and today we have full confidence in our 3 different producers, placed in Turkey, Germany and Sweden. Their speciality and proudness in their work when it comes to jewelry, what is possible to make or not and most importantly- bringing our visions to life has made us a jewelry brand with short lead times but lifelong design.