Välkommen in i Blue Billies universum Effortless, edgy & exklusive

When stepping into the universe of Blue Billie you’ll enter a jewelry wardrobe filled with iconic pieces designed with quality in mind.

On the first shelf you’ll spot the core pieces, hoops that stay on day and night, and rings that you’ll keep going back to season after season. On the other side of the wardrobe is where we keep the statement jewelry, bold chain necklaces, giant pearl earrings and edgy rings.

We’re a jewelry destination with a strong collection of pieces that can be styled in endless combinations for every occasion. Our jewelry wardrobe is constantly evolving but the feeling remains the same, effortless, edgy and exclusive.

Our mission is to inspire you to build your own jewelry wardrobe with your signature mix of pieces to love now and forever. Buying and wearing jewelry should be fun!

Daniela Upmark

Founder & Creative director

Vi skriver ett nytt kapitel i boken om smyckets historia- Och vi vill att du ska vara en del av det.