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Emma Elwin on astrology and meaningful jewelry

We had a chat with Emma Elwin, co-founder of magazine and creative agency Make it last. She told us what her Star Sign Necklace means to her and how quality is important when it comes to jewelry.

Emma Elwin

First we gotta start off by asking: what star sign are you?
-I’m born at the end of September so I’m a libra.

And what’s your feelings about astrology?
-I used to have a book about it growing up and so I’m definitely into Astrology. Not that I’m reading horoscopes and such, but I do like to read about the qualities of each sign.

With this collection of Star Sign Necklaces we wanted to shred light on the fact that jewelry can have a sentimental value and a profound meaning.

In what way is it meaningful for you to carry your son’s star sign?
-He is a Cancer which is my favorite star sign. I love having it with me and to carry it with me so close to my heart.

We love the thought of jewelry being like an investment that can be passed on to future generations. A Star Sign Necklace can be treasured for decades to come.

Have you inherited any jewelry that you cherish a bit extra?
-I have a ring where I gathered diamonds from my grandmother and from my 15 year birthday and made it into a ring. Buying jewellery I’m always choosing timeless pieces that can live on in the family.

How is quality important for you when it comes to jewelry?
-I’m very sensitive to some metals so I always buy gold these days and stuff that I can wear everyday without having to remove it.

What else do you consider when buying a new piece of jewelry?
-It’s very important that it’s connected to me in a personal way. Wearing it should give you energy and be important.

"I’m always choosing timeless pieces that can live on in the family"