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Signature Letter Q Gold

The energy representing the Letter Q resonates with the ideas of efficiency, realism, introspection and independence. It is a business energy. Introspection is balanced with the realities of the world. Spiritual understanding is balanced with scientific knowledge. A person with a name starting with the letter Q is likely to approach life from a business and financial point of view mixed with unusual actions. The person tends to be secretive and generally keeps their own counsel, but not with the intention of keeping people away. Perfectly matched with the Rope Chain in Gold.

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14 Karat Gold Finish Plated 925 Sterling Silver.
Height 2 cm.
The Signature Letter Q also comes in Sterling Silver.
All Blue Billie jewelry are 100% nickel-free


The layers of gold plating may naturally and gradually wear off with time. We offer replating of your Blue Billie jewelry when needed at a 200 SEK/20 EUR charge. If needed, just contact

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