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Signature Letter J Silver

The energy representing the Letter J resonates with the ideas of wholeness, self-determination and exploration. It also resonates with infinite potential. A person with a name starting with the letter J is likely to approach life demonstrating independence. As a person they tend to prefer self-reliance rather than relying on others. When given a task or a project the person tends to be even more focused when getting closer to completing it. Perfectly matched with the Rope Chain in Silver.

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Sterling Silver.
Height 2 cm.
The Signature Letter J also comes in 14 Karat Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver.
All Blue Billie jewelry are 100% nickel-free.


The layers of gold plating may naturally and gradually wear off with time. We offer replating of your Blue Billie jewelry when needed at a 200 SEK/20 EUR charge. If needed, just contact

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