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This category is filled with samples, one-of-a-kind pieces and jewelry you never seen before

Seashell pendant with pearl
Seashell pendant with pearl  109.00 / Add to bag
Seashell pendant gold
Seashell pendant gold  99.00 / Add to bag
Pendant with pearl silver
Pendant with pearl silver  69.00 / Add to bag
Pendant with pearl gold
Pendant with pearl gold  69.00 / Add to bag
Big fold pendant
Big fold pendant  79.00 / Add to bag
Knot pendant
Knot pendant  110.00 / Add to bag
Big Hoops Matte Silver
Big Hoops Shiny Silver
Mini Star Symbol Gold
Mini Star Symbol Gold  19.00 / Add to bag
Mini Star Symbol Silver
Mini Star Symbol Silver  19.00 / Add to bag
Sparkling Chain Long Black
Sparkling Chain Long Black  30.00 / Add to bag