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Introducing: the diamond service

It’s now possible to add a lab grown diamond to our popular Helium Letters. It’s made upon request- you choose letter(s) and we take them to our atelier just around the corner from our shop. Our goldsmith will set the diamond and choose the best suitable spot depending on the shape of each letter. It’s all ready within a week.

If you’ve already purchased a helium letter and also want to use this service you can come by our store and hand it over to us, or if you live outside of Stockholm please email us at and we’ll take it from there.

As of now this service is only available on Helium Letters. But make sure to follow us on Instagram & subscribe to our newsletter for latest updates and new launches.

So, what are lab grown diamonds & how are they created?

A lab grown diamond is just as real as a natural diamond. It’s made of carbon and is chemically identical to natural diamonds and has the same physical and optical characteristics. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to differentiate lab grown diamonds from natural diamonds.

The only difference is how they are created

As the name reveals a lab grown diamond is created in a lab by replicating how diamonds are made naturally below earth’s mantle. As of today there are two different ways of making diamonds in a lab, the methods are called CVD and HPHT.

Lab grown diamonds, also known as man made diamonds or synthetic diamonds are graded on the same criteria as mined diamonds, using the 4C’s- cut, clarity, color and carat.

The lab grown diamonds used on our Helium Letters are Top Wesselton VVS, 0.01 ct, Brilliant cut.

Order your Helium Diamond Letter today or visit our store at Södermannagatan 27b in Stockholm.