We asked our founder Daniela Upmark to pick out her favorite pieces for NYE!

She chose a mix of bold statement pieces and timeless classics, you’ll find them all below.
We also took the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her New Year’s Eve.

Daniela, how will you spend the last night of the year?
It will be a pretty calm new year’s eve with my kids and husband, and our neighbors. And a lot of seafood! 

We know NYE is important for you, why is that?
I always end the year with wrapping it up, I write down what I liked, what I learnt and what I want to bring with me to the next year. I also set goals for the coming year. And on NYE me and my husband go through the year and sum it up together. So I like to have a calm evening and start the new year fresh, well rested and excited for what’s coming.

And what will you be wearing?
Since we are staying at home I will go for a relaxed look with baggy jeans, a tank top and an oversized cardigan. Focus will be on the jewelry. I will wear the Giant halo necklace and the halo earrings in gold, a mix of different rings in silver and gold and a collect bracelet.

Remember to order your NYE-look no later than 27/12 for delivery in time.

Here's some of Danielas favorite pieces to wear on the last night of the year!