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This is the story about our latest symbols— The Goldfish, The Crab & The Bug on Plate.

The Goldfish Symbol is one of the oldest symbols in Chinese mythology and represents wealth, prosperity and happiness. Its one of the most used lucky charms and commonly represented in Feng Shui as a cleanser of unwanted energy. Wear this both as a lucky charm and as a protector. Let it remove all negative energy in your life- only bringing you happiness and prosperity along your journey.

The Crab Symbol is said to represent rebirth and new beginnings. The Crab also has it’s roots in Chinese mythology as a symbol of success Wear it around your neck as a reminder that anything is possible.

The Bug on Plate Symbol is seen as a constant reminder to always move forward and strive for progress in our life. Just as the bug is strong it also has the mentality of never giving up. Let this oversized Bug be an inspiration and follow you on your journey forward.