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Blue Billie Conversations

With Blue Billie conversations we meet up with inspring people that we adore, we talk jewelry & life!

We had a chat with the ever so inspiring Carin Falk, communications manager at ATP atelier.

You’ve picked out some Blue Billie pieces, tell us what you like about them?
-Im currently obsessed with chains so these pieces tie in nicely with that theme. They are statement-y but at the same time super chic. I especially like the chunky necklace, it makes my whole look!

We noticed they’re all gold. Are you a gold-only-girl, or what’s your preference?
-Funny you should ask! I just recently switched from silver to gold. I know people say it’s okey to match silver with gold but I’ve always gone with one or the other through different stages in my life. Right now, gold feels som much more “me”. It’s much more expressive in my opinion. 

Do you have any staple pieces in your jewelry wardrobe that you use everyday, or do you change look depending on your mood?
-I love earrings so I (try to) wear them everyday. Sometimes I’m in such a hurry in the morning that i don’t have time to put them on, so I throw them in my bag thinking I’m gonna put them on later. But I always forget, haha. But generally, my jewelry tends to be dependent on my mood for the day. If I feel like it’s a MET gala kind of day I’ll throw on everything I’ve got, where as other days I end up wearing nothing at all.

Check out her favorites below!

Carin Falk

"Generally, my jewelry tends to be dependent on my mood for the day"