Blue Billie is a Scandinavian jewelry brand, launched in Stockholm, August 2015 by Daniela Upmark. Blue Billie’s philosophy is storytelling by symbols and letters and having the costumer feeling included but also to push them to tell their own story.

Blue Billie is a fictive person, the alter ego of Daniela if you will. She came alive when Daniela realized that she wanted to design jewelry, but needed it to not be about just her. She wanted to create jewelry you could relate to, without needing to relate to her directly. And so she came up with Blue Billie. It was a given from the start, since blue is Danielas favorite color and Billie her darling name.

Daniela wants Blue Billie to be her own person, with her own stories. They have the same spirituality, but Blue Billie lives in another world. To Daniela, she’s the girl who follows her dreams unconditionally. The girl with her heart in her chest pocket and thoughts high in the sky. She stays out too late, does whatever she wants to, and always feel too much.

She’s the girl with all the good stories and by the symbols and jewelry of Blue Billie is how she tells them.

Every Blue Billie Jewelry carry a story of a place, a thought, a lyric or even just a scent. Blue Billie herself always bring her most precious stories with her everywhere she goes. For strength, for fun, to remember where she’s been and where she’s going. And she want’s you to do the same with your stories. Wear them around your neck, your arm or let them hang in your ear. Remembering your stars, your moons and your universes.

So, what’s your story?


Blue Billie always works with two collections. One main collection in silver, and gold plated and one exclusive line featuring gemstones and crystals. The whole idea is based on that you should mix and match the pendants and symbols over the collections to create your own signature jewelry statement. To tell your unique story. Every jewelry created by Blue Billie is, in one way or another, in perfect symbiosis.